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Smart Router

Diamond router

“Smart Router” with the latest technology, best and best mechanical design, European components, used for drilling, cutting and drawing on all materials
(Wood – Acrylic – Gibson Board – Aluminum)
Very suitable for advertising companies, furniture and carpentry workshops – gypsum board workshops and decorations)

The new generation of router machines with modern and advanced mechanical specifications and design for hard work to suit all requirements of markets, companies and factories with high production efficiency. stability.

Plasma CNC

Fiber Laser

For all metal works (blacksmithing – kartal iron – car bodies – air conditioners – advertising….)
Phoenix offers the latest and most powerful plasma machine with the latest design and the longest warranty period in Egypt
The machine is designed in a European style and standard with different sizes and specifications according to the customer’s desire

Now you can request a specification for the best fiber laser machine in Egypt, the machine is made by 100% Egyptian hands and with European specifications.
You can also enjoy the powerful advantages of local manufacturing from the longest real warranty period in Egypt, quick receipt, practical and theoretical training, immediate maintenance, development and modernization to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.

Why Phoenix CNC

Phoenix CNC has proven a remarkable success over the last year as

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