Who We Are?

Our Mission

As the phoenix bird is born from the ashes of its combustion, the Phoenix company was born to create a new, more advanced generation in the digital-controlled machine market in Egypt and the Middle East. To be able to manufacture and supply machines:
– router
– laser
– plasma
– Fiber laser

By its research and desire for continuous development, it was able to contract with the largest companies in the industrial field, research and development, and to exploit all available resources to achieve the equation of reducing costs, reducing human error and saving work time.
By providing all advisory services, sales services, support and after-sales services, Phoenix guarantees a long-term partnership with its clients aimed at developing them and continuing their support to meet all obstacles with unique practical solutions.
In order for Phoenix to be able to combine local manufacturing with the same efficiency and global specifications, and import, to ensure that all the requirements of the Egyptian and Arab labor market are met, to contribute effectively to enriching the industrial community at all levels, simple and complex, including the latest advanced technology specifications.

Our vision

Phoenix is a leading company that operates with high responsibility, takes creativity and innovation as its approach, and offers high-quality competitive products that apply the highest standards to add a new vision in the field of industrial machinery and develop the markets operating on it in order to meet the needs of its customers and contribute to motivating and developing its employees and achieving the aspirations of its customers.

Our mission

We become one of the main global producers in the manufacture and supply of all industrial equipment with high-quality digital technology through innovation and focus on quality and competition by using advanced technologies to provide the best prices in exchange for the highest quality and meet the needs of our customers and conform to the specifications of major global industrial companies and with innovative manufacturing standards and practices .

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